Founding Team



Alex Bulkin

Director of Inspiration
Decentralized Systems
Social Philosophy
Technical Vision

Alex is a multidisciplinary thinker with a special interest in social and technological innovation. He has 13 years of experience building high-performance software at Goldman Sachs, New York.

With a dual degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from New York University and a Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology and Conflict Facilitation from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, Alex bridges technological insight with social science and psychology. At Consensus Labs, Alex provides executive support and strategic product vision.


Max Kudinov

Director of Operations
People Management

Max is a hands-on leader, whose daily task is to inspire the engineering team to move the product forward while keeping the mission in mind. He matches resources with the jobs that need to be done and makes things happen. His main responsibility is to connect the world of technology with that of real people, money, and the material. Max helped build several companies in Ukraine and holds a Master's degree in Law from the National Academy of Law in Odessa. Formerly the CEO of a large construction company, Max has significant experience managing large teams. Max is a CEO and co-founder of Magic Powered Software, our main technology partner. His interests also include UX/UI, marketing, and design. His professional passion is social networking architecture and approach. His dream: to build a "dacha" on the Moon (next to Alex's) and play Airsoft in a low gravity.


Victor Klymentiev

Director of Everything Engineering
Systems Architecture
Technology Roadmap

Victor is a software architect, back-end developer, and a generalist web developer with more than 12 years of professional experience. He is also a co-founder and a corporate democracy evangelist at Magic Powered Software. Victor is currently studing psychology and psychotherapy with an emphasis on human resources and organizational development. His interests include sociology, political economics, and tackling global problems of the modern age.

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Nadya Mitchener

Director of everything Non-Engineering
Product Management
Community Relations

Nadya is a product manager with a  dream of building technology that will empower individuals to create positive change. A jack of all trades, Nadya skillfully juggles multiple projects and priorities. Nadya is an MBA candidate at New York University specializing in FinTech and Marketing. She is part of the leadership team at NYU Stern Blockchain Forum, responsible for organizing speaker series and managing relationships with entrepreneurs.

At Consensus Labs Nadya serves as the product emissary. She assists in evolving the vision into a usable product. Her job is to contribute to product management, product marketing, marketing and communications, live community, and business development.