Our Friends and Advisors



Jake Brukhman

Jake is the co-founder and managing partner at CoinFund LLC, a blockchain technology research company and private cryptoasset investment vehicle. Jake has a decade of experience in pure and financial technology, a background in computer and mathematical sciences, and an avid interest in blockchain and financial technology. Previously, Jake was partner & CTO at Triton Research, a technical product manager and engineer at Amazon.com, and has spent five years as a financial technologist at Highbridge Capital Management and as a quantitative researcher at Kohera.

Michael Zargham

Michael Zargham is a decision scientist and controls engineer with more than a dozen years of experience studying the emergent properties of self-organizing systems where technology and human behavior intersect. Mike is the founder of Block Science, the first company to pioneer formal analysis tools in the space of cryptoeconomics and decentralized value networks. He founded and scaled the data science team at Cross MediaWorks, a media technology holding company, and served as a partner with technology market research and consulting firm Techtel Corp. Additionally, he was a co-founder of LBRY inc, a blockchain enabled peer-to-peer content distribution platform. Michael holds a PhD in optimization and decision theory from the University of Pennsylvania.